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Space frame is the installer friendly system to create the rooms of your clients dreams.

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What is Cinema Space Frame?

Cinema Build Systems Space Frame System is a unique and innovative system to make the design and installation of bespoke Cinema and Media rooms simple and straightforward. The framework systems that our system create are designed to be a mounting surface for our fabric walling track or for plasterboard surfaces.

Why did we make this?

From our own experience as cinema room builders, we had a lot of frustration using unfinished 2×2 and 4×2 softwoods to create the room forms. For every three lengths of timber we purchased, one length was almost always unusable due to, bends, twists or splits. Add to this the time consuming nature of starting from scratch on a room design or construction each time, we felt a better way had to be created.

How does it work?

The Space Frame profiles are produced using a range of manufacturing techniques including CNC machining. These profiles are designed to easily assemble together using screws and glue.

Simple to install 

Cinema Space Frame System

Cinema Space Frame is an ecosystem of scalable and interchangeable components to give you the building blocks and inspiration to simply create the room shapes and forms required.

Louvre Walls CSF-ANGLE
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Floating walls CSF-UPRIGHT
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Halo Lit Profiles CSF-COFFER
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Cinema Screens

The Ultimate range of screens by Cinema Build Systems are some of the most innovative fixed frame screen products on the market today. All of our screens have an on the wall image surface installation method, which we developed to make the installation process simpler and more efficient.

The screen range is ever growing and can be found below.


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“the devil is in the detail..”

To design truly great products it is essential to understand the end user experience and with this in mind, the packaging makes a big differerence..
every part of our scrrens are considered throught the design process, this includes installer friendly packaging.

VR Embeded Room

Our DESIGN ethos

“form follows function..”

Form follows function is a design principle I have believed in for as long as I can remember. In my opinion if something is designed to properly address it’s purpose, the design process will develop a final form that also has an elegance of its own. With our Cinema Space Frame system, components have sections removed for cable routing or weight saving; rounded internal cuts to relieve stress points or stop cable snaggings and location holes and extrusion channels for lighting. These attributes have created sections that are both interesting and functional and for us, it’s sometimes a shame to cover these part up with either plasterboard or our stretched fabric systems, so here is an image of the skeletal structure before the aesthetic layers have been added


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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Our Team

We are a small and highly focussed team with the mission to
make things better and easier.


Design and manufacturing

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